Project Rohingya

Hikmah Relief strives to not only help families within our local communities but also abroad. Project Rohingya was a way for us to give back to one of the most persecuted communities in the entire world. More than 750,000 of of our Rohingya brothers and sisters have been forced to flee there homes in Burma due to on-going persecution they have been subject to in there home country. The Rohingya living in refugee camps are struggling from isolation, illiteracy, food deprivations, and lack of basic medical needs.

In January 2018, a team from Hikmah Relief was on the ground in Bangladesh supplying 2 months worth of medicine to 5 refugee camp clinics and built 5 water wells built in the heart of the refugee camps.

This trip was completed at the end of January. Here is a list of accomplishments from our team :

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