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What makes Hikmah Relief different?

2022 fundraiser champions for social justice

The Humanity Projects got its start when its two co-founders, Bakir Dzananovic and Ibrahim Chaudhry, at the time just a college student and a recent graduate, had an insane aspiration to go change the world. They took the initiative to reach out to a local organization and organize an impromptu trip to provide aid in Haiti. The collaborating organization allowed them to dorm in their rented facility in Haiti, but all other expenses and plans were up to them. After raising only a few hundred dollars each from their families and friends, they hopped on a Spirit Airlines flight to the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. F


Thanks for visiting our new website. Many of you have known us as The Humanity Projects since we started in 2016. We assure you, we’re still the same 100% Charity you’ve always known. Changing our name is the first step forward in our journey to further our impact on humanity. This new name and structure will help support organization grow to fulfill our mission.

As a part of continuing our mission to serve humanity, we wanted to find a name that resonated with us all. Hikmah, most literally translated to wisdom, is the true essence of our organization. Serving humanity has been our mission, instilling wisdom within this will allow us to make the biggest impact in the communities we serve.


As an organization, we made a promise to be a 100% charity on the day we started our organization. This means every donor-dollar goes 100% to the cause; no admin expenses, no excuses. Our operation is 100% volunteer run; international trips, project prep, and admin time, no exclusions.


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